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Pricing Information
  • The pricing within this site is for our National, Corporate & Chain Customers. If you are a private individual or company you can expect a 10 - 15% increase (in the prices listed on this site) that will be quoted to you. However, if you can commit to large volume sales (contract may be required), we will surely work with you. All of our pricing is based on long runs in order to alleviate machine setup time therefore insuring the lowest price possible. We look forward to working with you to fulfill your needs.
  • Pricing contained within this site is unit (per piece) pricing, unless otherwise specified. Please be sure to add any additional charges specified in the notes.


Artwork & Production Information


Printing Process:

Styles A, B & C badges are hot stamped. All other products are digitally imprinted in full color. 

Conventional Artwork:

The traditional standard for acceptable mechanical artwork is "camera-ready black and white" material. Typically, anything of a lesser quality will be subject to $40 per hour art charge.

Vector Artwork Files: 

This is the type artwork need for Promotional Products. We can also use this type for name badges. We accept Illustrator 9 or lower; CorelDraw 10.0 or lower; Freehand 9 or lower. Any type set must be converted to postscript outlines. Different programs use different terminology, in Corel under arrange - convert to curves, in Illustrator under “type” - create outline, in Cadlink or Signlab products under “arrange” - text to graphics. If additional or future typesetting is anticipated or type left unconverted, the “True Type” font files must also be supplied for use on Professional Image’s specified computer platform (operating system) (see fonts for variable text). Files with any placed, parsed or linked elements require certain additional criteria described in the Bitmap Artwork Files below. The artwork file(s) should be accompanied by a printed proof, or it’s electronic equivalent, communicating to Professional Image the desired result of the use of the e- artwork file(s). 

Bitmap Artwork Files:

 We can use this type of artwork for name badges and sublimated products only. We accept: Photoshop 6.0 or lower; Photo-Paint 10.0 or lower. Bitmap files should render images at least 100% of actual imprint size. Illustrations or ad layouts containing any line art elements or areas of solid color should have a bitmap resolution (pixels-per-inch) of no less than 300 dpi. Files can be submitted in CMYK or RGB. The artwork file(s) should be accompanied by a printed proof, or its electronic equivalent communicating to Professional Image the desired result of the use of the e- artwork file(s). All files of this nature will be output as sent, no color changing will be offered.

Page Layout Documents:

We accept: Freehand 8 or lower. We cannot accept page layout files such as Quark Xpress. 

Acrobat (PDF) Files: 

PDF files created from vector files must be suitable for reverse-conversion to vector files or for use in the PDF format such that the file meets the quality standard for vector files. PDF files created from bitmap files must be suitable for reverse-conversion to bitmap files or for use in the PDF format such that the file meets the quality standard for bitmap files. PDF files are acceptable as proofs subject to the limitations of the Adobe PDF file format. Please make sure that all fonts are converted as described in “Vector Files” above.  

Other Than Above:

Unless digital files satisfy the readiness standards for vector files, bitmap files, page layout files or PDF files, those digital files DO NOT meet the readiness standards for e-artwork.


We are PC/IBM compatible based, however we usually have no problem with MAC files as long as the software is compatible. Artwork is preferred by disc or email.  

Paper Proofs:

All orders get one paper proof for final approval before production. Professional Image will resend a corrected proof if an error was made on our behalf. Additional proofs needed for corrections made not due to a Professional Image error will incur a $10 charge per proof.  

Pre-Production Proofs

Setup charges and design for name badges include a pre-production proof at no charge. However, Professional Image will not automatically send one unless it is specifically stated on the purchase order.

Fonts for Varible Text: 

Engraved Badges: At this time, we only offer Arial and Times New Roman in plain, bold and italic type. All other products: We offer a wide array of fonts and will be happy to try and match a look that you are going for. Any font that is required but Professional Image does not have, may be supplied to us with a $40(f) one time setup charge. All copy will be typeset according to our standard fonts (Arial and Times New Roman) and typesetting norms unless otherwise specified.

Production Time:

Styles A, B, and C: Reorders 3-5 days; New orders: 10 working days. All other products: 5-7 working days. Style D: Most reorders 24 hours; New Orders: 3 days after approval.  

Rush Service:

We pride ourselves on our quick service. Often times, however, customers need SUPER FAST SERVICE. This service means anything faster than our normal, quick production time. There is a 50% additional charge plus overnight freight on any product that needs SUPER FAST SERVICE.