P.I. News

9/3/08: Gustav update

The storm just skimmed us (in Slidell). Luckily we did not get any surge or flooding this time! It was mainly wind damage. West & North of us (toward Lake Charles, up to Baton Rouge & North of Lake Pontchartrain) is still without power, city services, food, water and gas. Most all employees have made it back from the mandatory evacuation that was put in order. Thanks to all of you for your continued support and prayers.

8-30-08: Labor Day & Hurricane Gustav

We are currently observing the labor day weekend and have recently been put under a mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Gustav. We are planning to be back in operation on Wednesday 9/03/08. We will contact you as soon as possible regarding you order.



9-20-07: Major Changes

As you can tell ... there is major changes going on with the website. They expect to be finished soon. I'm glad to say 2 years after Katrina we finally got around to it! We had more than our fair share to deal with (as did our employees), and our plate is clean for the most part.

Things to remember while browsing the site:

  • If the background of the page you are viewing it white, then it has been recently updated.
  • If the background of the page you are viewing it yellow then it is very out of date (could be 2 years +).
  • There is some topics that are black (on the main page), these pages have not been created yet. Stay tuned!

We do apologize for the fluctuation is our prices. Most of our products are plastic  (petroleum based) and we are at the mercy of that market as well as transportation the costs. We always continue to offer our customers the very best price that is possible.



11-1-05: Back in the swing of things

We are glad to say that 80% of our employees are back to work. The other 20% are still displaced or have nothing to come back to.

Business is pretty much back to normal at this point. We have our phone system up and working, our ISP is back up running, shipping services is almost back to normal, and as always our fax is always on!

We have some new employees to fill positions in which others could not come back to, as of yet. Please be patient with them as they are trying hard to learn new tasks. Please keep in mind that all products lines may not be available as some equipment was lost as a result of Katrina's flood & rain water. We are working hard to get all of the damaged equipment replaced.




10-15-05: Rita was close

Close call, but Rita went further west and spared us. We saw some winds and water pushed up into low lying areas but we was spared. We are still working on the clean up effort. Orders are being processed and shipped daily. We are almost back to business as usual.

To any missing employees that may be reading this, if we have not contacted you already, please call in and let us know your status and or location. We have secured FEMA trailers for you but we need a count of people trying to get back.



9-17-05: Losses Widen from Hurricane Katrina

We are downloading your email today and will process it unless you email and cancel. We are making our way back from Katrina. As most know we are a suburb of New Orleans. We have started to process orders but with only about 15% of our employees back, so things are slow. More are coming back each day as they find places to live. Katrina hit us hard. All employees survived but not their homes. The following is a breakdown for those that know one or more of them. If you want to write to any of those you know, use our P.O. Box 807, Slidell, LA 70459.

Homes Destroyed Totally: Kristi, Glenn, Nathan, Jesse D., Jesse G., Donna, Kathy O., Kathy W., Melissa Z., Jeannie, Megan, Carrie, Sarah, Tracy, Paul, Renee

Displaced and damaged but hoping to get back in their homes: Ed, Debbie, Nick, Tonya, Cindy G., Erica, Tiffany.

No or small damage to home: Ceil, Cindy C., Courtney S, Brett, Chris and Courtney E.

Thank you for the prayers, patience and kindness shown to our employees/family. We have some sad stories to tell but the ones that bring us the most tears are how great our employees, customers and vendors have been. The kindness shown our friends and families is amazing. I know you've seen a lot of bad on TV but the volunteers now here helping are Angels from God. And the stories our family, friends and employees are telling us of how they are treated around this entire country would warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye. It has to us. We would not wish Katrina on anyone but the beauty in most people's hearts will be the thing I remember most about this monster.

Currently we are unable to answer the phones or get our emails only at night but we expect them back any day.

Our FAX machine is working so if you can be patient with us and FAX your order to 985-649-3533 we will get them out as fast as we can.

We are working hard to get your orders out but at the same time find places for our people to stay and reasons for the ones away to come back home. At night we have found a place to download emails so we are able to print them at night. So you can email your orders now as well.

God Bless each of you ... Coming back, one day at a time ... Ed Emerson, Professional Image ... YOUR NAME BADGE COMPANY

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